The thought of a "perfect" workout schedule is so subjective. 

Some of us are weighing yoga vs pilates while the the influencers among us are turning to the TikTok-approved exercises like the Cupid Shuffle and the 12/3/30 workout routine.

There's no one right answer, and everyone has different needs. Every body has different needs. However, there are a few general guidelines from fitness experts that will help lead you in the proper direction. 

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While some people live for the gym, others want to achieve results while doing as little exercise as possible. Fair enough!

"If you’re starting out, you don’t want to go overboard, so begin with a moderate amount of exercise—I’d recommend around two to three times per week, ideally every other day so you can have a recovery day in between. It’s all about consistency, so you want to commit to something you can sustain,” says fitness coach Noelle McKenzie.

Those who have been working out for a while can do more training sessions per week (McKenzie recommends four or five), but there are other ways to advance your workouts without increasing frequency. 

"You can increase the number of reps and sets you’re doing or the weight you’re moving to make it more taxing on your body," McKenzie adds. "Another way to ramp up your program is to slow down the movement, increasing the time under tension."

Meet the expert: Noelle McKenzie

Fitness coach

New York-based fitness Instagrammer, personal trainer, and co-founder of Leading Edge Personal Trainers.

According to Joanna Dase, a fitness expert at Curves, women in their 20s should aim for roughly 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training four times per week and 45 minutes of straight cardio twice per week.

"In our 20’s, our bodies can handle greater workloads which means we can train at higher levels," Dase says. "However, our 20’s is often a time we neglect our physical health and take it for granted. The sooner we start to build a base in fitness, the better prepared we are for later in life."

Women in their 30s should aim for one hour of circuit training (cardio and resistance) three times per week and a 30-minute full body workout three times per week.

For a more in-depth look, check out what the experts have to say about the best exercises for your age.

Meet the expert: Joanna Dase

Fitness expert

Dase is all about health as the COO for Curves Europe & Africa & Senior International Director – Consulting on Franchise Operations.

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